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  • Matt Crane, Miami Beach Luxury Realtor

    “We whole-hardheartedly recommend BPS. I introduce them regularly to my very best customers as well as my friends. They have designed and installed a number of systems with many more in progress… [On one project] they saved us over $10,000, helped me sell the home, and charged us for a service call in a situation where they could have easily tried to sell us a new one.”

  • Paul J. Manafort, American lobbyist and political consultant

    “I highly recommend Joel Maxwell, and his team of professionals at BPS, Inc for any A/V project. In fact, the more complex the job, the more highly I recommend them. BPS has the skills do do the complete job from system design, to installation to oversight and trouble shooting.”

  • Alejandro Bonet, Interior Designer

    “I would recommend BPS, Inc. for all things technological. First and foremost, for our high-value customers, is service. Joel and his team are ready to take care of our customers seemingly at any time of day or night. No task is too small, and when they say they’ll get it done, they do.”

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